What are pools?
Pools are jackpots where tou can play with your friends for a price at stake. These pools can be private or public, and according to the different modalities, they can be played by hit (correct guess), exact result or yield (the score is given according to the odds of the game).


Are the forecasts of the pools the same in my section of forecasts?
No, they are independent. However, you can import your forecasts.


What does import a forecast means?
Means that you may send the forecasts you uploaded earlier so you don´t have to play them again. The idea is to keep the same forecast for different pools. To import your games you don´t have to forecast in the pool. If there is any result already uploaded, the import won´t change that.


How and who will determine the prices and the entrance fee?
The admin should determine the amount fee to enter a poll and how % of the price will be distributed.


What games must a pool have?
There are no restrictions. You can add games per week, per League, seasons, mix them up, etc.  The admin set the rules.


How much money from the pool is for the winners?
100% of the money will be distributed among the winners of a pool.


When will the money be credited into my account?
The next day after all the results have been validated. Should not be more than 48 hours since the last game.


Are there any restrictions in the pools?
No, the admin will decide all the rules in the pool he or she created.


Who can play in a pool?
All the player that have the necessary credt in their balances. Private pools will require a personal invitation.


How do I invite someone to my pool?
You can do it through the link, “Send Challenge” or share it in your social networks.


Do I need money to enter or create a pool?
Yes, every pool created must have an entrance fee.


How can I make a deposit?
In your account there are differente payment options and we are adding even more. When you join a pool and there is no credit in your account, you may directly deposit money wiht one click.


How much time does it takes to deposit money?


How do I withdrawal money?
In your account there is the withdrawal option, and a wide range of alternatives to cash your winnings into your bank account. We are adding more.


Hos long does the withdrawal takes?
From 24 to 48 hours.


What is the final date when creating a pool?
The date specifies the end of a pool. Games after that date wont be considered. The logic behind this is to set a final date to the pool a player has created.


What happnes is a game is suspended?
If the game is repgroammed after 72 hours, it will not count for the pool.


What happens when there are several winners in a pool?
The jackpot will be distributed evenly among the winners in case of a draw.


Why can´t I deposit money using my app?
At the momento you can deposit only using Android or using the web. Iphone will only help you to change and forecast diffente games in a pool you are already a member.


If a pool has already started: Can I join one? What are my advantages or disadvantages? 
You can join whenever you want, however, all the games that have already been played wont be counted as valid in your forecasts.


If I dont forecast every game, Can I still aim for the prices?
Yes, the games you do not forecast will count as missed games.


Can I change my forecasts in a pool? How much time do I have before the game starts?
Yes. You have until 2 hours before the game begins.


What can I do with the money after winning a pool?
You can withdraw it into your bank account using our several withdrawal options. Also, you may join another pool or even create one of your own.