Can I place bets on the site or in the App?

No, it is not a betting site. It’s a free sports forecast site.


Is the platform availablre in othe rlanguages? How can I change the language?

The platform is only available in spanish and english at the moment. In the web based platform you may change the lenguage by selecting the flag of the language of your choice.


May I forecast on the webpage and also on the app?

Yes, you may use both. Once you forecast on one of them, the other platform will update your forecasts automatically.


When are the results updated?

All results and rankings are updated daily at 1 AM GMT.


How often are the rankings updated?

The rankings are updated daily.


What is the purpose of deleting your history? What does it do?

By deletiing your history you will reset ranking, stars, hites, level, achievements and past forecasts. You will keep your followers, groups and followed users.


How do I check my results?

You can review all your information in the My Profile section, including statistics, past matches and predictions.


 Why am I not in the ranking if I have already made a prediction?

You need to meet certain conditions to appear in the rankings, as well as to be eligible for prizes. You can review the conditions in the Terms and Conditions or in the awards section.


What does Ranking N/A mean?

Ranking not available. This happens because you do not meet the minimum match requirements to appear, or you have not played the minimums in the last two weeks.


What is teh meaning of MP?

Matches played.


Do I need to make my predictions in all the available leagues?

No, only in the ones you choose.


Can I make predictions only for some matches of each league?

Yes, but to qualify for the prizes or to appear in the rankings you must comply with the minimums.


Can I undo a prediction once I have sent it?

Yes. Simply click on the prediction you want to erase and place a new one.


Can I make my predictions on Facebook?

No, you can only use Facebook to register.


Can I only make my predictions on the App?

No, you can also make them on our website, www.accufootball.com.


Are my records affected or deleted if I stop playing for a while?

No, you just won't appear in the rankings. If you resume your activity and comply with the minimums, you will appear again and keep all your activity history.


How long before a match can I make a prediction?

Up to 3 hours before the game starts.


What time do the times on the matches correspond to?

To your country’s time zone. The times are adjusted to the time on your mobile device or your computer.


How do I change my information?

In the My Profile section you can make all the necessary adjustments, change your language, password, photo, etc.


Can I make a group with my friends?

Yes, you can make all kinds of specific groups. The administrator can decide if they are private or public.


How can I add users to a group?

You may invite users to join the group by either searching the name of teh user on the ranking or by entering his email address and extending an inviation. The user will be notified through email and also through the app or webpage. 


Are there prizes for the best in each group?

No, only for what is in the Terms and Conditions and in the awards section.


How does the ranking work for groups?

It works under the same rules of the general ranking and league, so you also need to meet the minimum requirements to reach first place. That is why sometimes people with a worse hit % can appear above you. Also, in case you are not ranked in at least one of then the leagues that the group has added, you will not receive a general ranking in that group.


How does the wall work?

In the chat window you can post whatever you want (as long as it complies with the policies of the Terms and Conditions), and your messages will be seen by your followers. At the same time, you may only see messages from the people that you follow.


How can I search for other users?

Just write down his name in any ranking and you will finde the user.


Can I follow any user?



Is there any cost to use the website or the app?

No, it is and always will be free for users.


What kind of prizes are there?

There are prizes for the most outstanding users of the week, month and season.


When does the season end?

The season ends on every May 31st.


Why didn't I win the prize if I am in the first place of the ranking?

The ranking shows the historical performance of each user. However, the prizes are given to the best of each specific period according to the Terms and Conditions. The best of the season is given to the user who has obtained the best performance and fulfilled the required minimums.


How do I get my prize if I am the winner?

If you are the winner, we will get in touch and send you a Gift Card for the awarded prize to your registered email.


Can I choose the company for my Gift Card?

Only if you are a resident of any of the countries that use Cencosud Gift Cards, otherwise you can only apply for an Amazon Gift Card.


What are My Stars for?

You can redeem them for discounts, prizes or participate in prize draws for products, travel tickets, etc. All the information will be available soon in the Store section.


How do I earn stars?

You get one star for every successful prediction. We will soon implement a function to invite your friends, where both you and your referrals can earn stars when they sign up and play for the first time.


If I share the link and my friends join Accufootball do I get any reward?

You will get a star for each of your friends thta join Accufootball, and your friend will also get a star.


What are the different levels that appear on my profile? (Amateur, Advanced, etc.)

It is your current level in order of the achievements you have gained. You will upgrade your current level by obtaining more achievements.


How do I obtain achievements and what are they?

Achievements are obtained by meeting certain goals and having an outstanding number of hits in the general ranking or in the ranking of each league. You may win cups or medals by achieving a high ranking, and also if you have obtained a "winner of the week" or "winner of the month status". For more information, please visit the achievements section.


How I do I raise my currente level?

Please check the achievements section to see the goals that have to be met to raise your level.


What does Yield represent?

Yield is the measure we use to calculate the returns over your forecasts.


How are the odds calculated?

The odds are taken from bet sites. These odds are the highest avalaible in the main bet sites.


How is Yield calculated?

We calculate your Yield adding your hit rates, divided for the total matches forecasted.


Can I have negative Yield or over 100%?

Yes, for both cases.


Why are there two rankings?

Because they measure two different things, the hit % and Yield. Rankings to achieve prizes will be based in Yield.