About us

AccuFootball is the first massive platform of sports forecasts so that you can entertain with your friends playing to be the best forecaster in the major professional leagues of the world.
You can download the App, use your computer or any device to compete to be the best when it comes to forecasting and winning incredible weekly and monthly prizes, and choose to keep the annual grand prize for the best of the best.
It is free and simple to use pastime where no matter the age, gender or nationality; only your motivation and sports knowledge.

In addition, you can create groups to compete with your friends or participate in any of the public groups, for fans of your team, people in your city, etc. We have created this platform so that you enjoy the best of the pastimes with your friends and thousands of users around the world.

You already know, create yourself as a user, select your links of interest and make your forecasts week by week and you will be having fun and competing for interesting prizes.

AccuFootball, easy, free and entertaining.